Imperial Candlewick Look-A-Likes Book on CD
Imperial Candlewick Look-A-Likes
a Book on CD
By Fran Yorke
I wrote this book for the New Candlewick Collector, and for anyone who
 wonders who made all the other Beaded Glass.
There is a flood of new Imported Beaded Glass on Ebay the internet and
 where ever Antique Glass is sold. Many of these patterns are mistakenly
 identified as Imperial Candlewick.
There are also many older patterns that are sold as Imperial Candlewick.
 I have been studing and researching Imperial Candlewick for 18 years.
 I explain with Pictures about the "Safe-Edge" and "Wafer" rules in identifying
 real Imperial Candlewick.
I go into detail on how to tell the difference.
My book has Catalog pages of the "Boule" glass
 made in Czechoslovika.
They have never been published in the US before.
My book is a comprehensive guide to avoid buying
 beaded glass that is not real Imperial Candlewick. I wish I had this
information when I started
 collecting Candlewick 18 years ago.
to purchase my New book.
 Its a Book on CD in PDF format
it can be easly opened with Adobe Reader.
$14.96 plus Shipping

Please visit my Look-A-Like site for a small sample of the "Other" beaded glass,
by clicking the Link below.

Here is the Table of Contents for my  book
None of the Glass on this page is Imperial Candlewick
(Expect the Rim Beads Shown)